Tiono wasriyah

Tiono wasriyah

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First Name * Tiono
Last Name * wasriyah
Username * wasriyah
Country * Netherlands
City Bergen
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglish



Availability: student
Website www.genxnation.com


Hobbyist : making money for fun.
style : sci-fi near future - unique object design and concepts.
website :http://genxnation.com
website :http://genxlaboratory.com

software experience. : levels : medium - average - advanced.
Adobe photoshop 7- level : highly advanced.
Adobe elements - level : average.
blender3d - level : modeling :medium -rendering : average -uvmapping : average.
wings3d - level : extreme advanced.
fireworks - average.
flash & actionscript : average (enough for animation & interactivity).

YES in may 2007 i gonna follow the 3dsmax modeling,Animation & character studio classes at the media college in rotterdam(sister company of grafische lyceum rotterdam).one step closer to become a pro.
since its evening classes i gonna work in day time.So im looking for a media company with a junior job.I dont care if its not gotta to do with design at all i just wanna have a growing line in my cv with media company's.

Hope to end up in the design industry one day.
It's gonna be a hard task since im not certificated in design.
All i have is tons of inspirations a own vision ,logic sense and a creative brain.
something that you cant learn on schools you have it or you dont.
Im a very easy learner.i thouched my first pc in 2003 took me a few weeks to discover the design comunity's on the net.after that i started design like i never did anything else.
basicly one of the first art pieces i made is sold as cdcover to a local band lol(inner piece of my avater)! I think that and some other things inspired me to get better in design.a month later i discovered some artist use 3d in their work and i loved the symetry smooth edges ,shapes ,depth and complexity of the art work.and knew this is what i want to do.Till i find a job in the design industry, i will keep working on genxnation the ever going on project i have created for myself.
maybe one day it will turn into a company instead of a fictive one :)